Mei (weaponsandbore) wrote in atlg_crack,

Letter to Zuka:

A result of Mei being drunk and miserable over Zuka's rejection of his love....

Dear Zuka,

I can't ever seem to get anything out when we talk so....I'm writing a letter. Right now, I'm drunk off my ass. Be glad you don't have to hear me speak. I wanted to write you while I was still drunk so that I didn't have anything holding me back. SO! Let's get this going!
I. Love. You. You are absolutley perfect in every matter what everbody says. Especially Azulon and your mom. I know you really admire your mom and stuff, but don't believe her when she tells you that your anything but perfect. You are. (I know you really don't like Azulon so....just ignore him....he's a bitchy little guy anyway.) 

Moving along. I know it may be shallow of me to like you for your looks, but I do. But only a little bit, 'cause I know there's so much more to you. Your face. Your hair....your eyes. You know, there was this one time, I was talking with Aan. We just kinda got onto the subject of you. Why I like you so much. I told her that it was your eyes. That it was like AAAAALLLL the fire in the world, was burning in your eyes. Right there, just because you're that beatiful. 

You're so beautiful that the fire burns in your eyes and I can't stop thinking about you. I know all of this is cheesy, but....AGNI!!! You're just that good!! Did you know that even when I'm in the middle of a fight, and everything in the world is going on, I'm still thinking about you. 

So, now that you've wasted a good chunk of your life reading this, respond if you want. I don't care. I just need to say this. And in conclusion: 

You are driving me up a wall...I love you that much.

Yours for however long it may take,
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