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atlg_crack's Journal

Avatar: The Last Genderbender... ON CRACK LULZ
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Yeah, you heard it right. It's crack for the already amazing crack RPG atlgrp. How did we manage this? We don't know.


1. No Godmoding. Of course!

2. ALL pairings are accepted, no matter the orientation.

3. Don't fight OOC. It takes away from the fun. D:

4. Nothing here is to be taken seriously or will carry over to the main RP unless the players have decided to make it so.

5. Smut is okay - but put it under a cut with a warning.

6. Images and other-fanstuffs are for atlgrp_fanworks

7. Random-ness is allowed and greatly encouraged. As is strange-ness.

Want to be a part of our crack?

Check out atlgrp and apply for a free character! We love new people!